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Did you know?

  • She can't swim backwards

  • She has many sharp teeth

  • She can see in the dark


Did you know?

  • He has lots of tentacles

  • His body is made up of water

  • His body glows in the dark


Did you know?

  • She has a very big beak

  • She uses her beak to catch fish

  • She can swim and fly


Did you know?

  • He has very sharp claws

  • He can't fly

  • He can run very fast


Did you know?

  • He has no bones

  • He gets his name from his stinger

  • His mouth and eyes are on opposite sides

Thorny Devil

Did you know?

  • Her body is covered in spikes

  • She has a pretend head

  • She can drink water with her legs


Did you know?

  • He can walk on land and swim in water

  • He has a duck-like bill

  • He has poison tips on his feet

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