Children of Ducks

More babies were on the way!

My family and I continued to visit the ducks on a daily basis. Sometimes we'd bring duck food to them.

The ducks got so familiar with us that on many occasions they would sprint (ok waddle) to us to get some food.

Teen Mum

Mother Duck's baby grew and became a very healthy female duck. So we were a bit surprised when she disappeared for a while.

Some weeks later she returned and had 8 fluffy tennis balls following her everywhere she went. The young female duck became a mum!

I jokingly referred to her as Teen Mum.... and the name stuck.

The Local Community

After the birth of Teen Mum's baby batch, we discovered the ducks had become famous to members of our local community.

People walking, taking their dogs out, or cycling on the nearby footpath took notice of this growing family of ducks. Other families (like ours) gave names to the ducks and visited them whenever they could.

The ducks began to bring people together.

The Boys

During our visits we noticed that Blotchy and Whitey would keep an eye on the babies and sometimes keep Teen Mum company as she chaperoned the babies.