Meet the Muscovies

In March 2019, my family discovered 3 baby Muscovy ducks in our local neighbourhood. Almost two years to the day, we have seen dozens of new ducks come and go. All have their own unique personalities and looks.

In the beginning

My family lives near a river. Walking our dog we noticed three little tennis balls following a duck. What is going on? we thought.

Turns out they weren't tennis balls... they were BABY DUCKS! They were following their mum duck. It was SO CUTE!

We took an instant interest in these ducks. Soon after we noticed two more adults, both male. One was completely white and very large. The other was even bigger with black blotches over his white body.

They needed names

After discovering the tennis balls and the adult ducks, we set out to visit the ducks every day. We started referring to them based on their features:

The white one = Whitey

The blotchy alpha duck = Blotchy.

I know, the names weren't very creative. We didn't know how big this duck family would grow.

Duck adventures

Fast forward two years, the ducks recognise me and my family and routinely chase us for food. One of those babies is now a Grandmother duck.

We learned that some of the ducks have very unique behaviours and characteristics. In this blog series, I will chronicle the adventures of the Muscovies.

Visit this blog regularly to hear more about the ducks!

(Photo: The original trio. From left to right - Whitey, Mother Duck, Blotchy)