Rise of the Ducks

Life took a sad turn for the ducks. However, they came back stronger!

My family continued to visit ducks on a daily basis. The babies were doing well and continued to follow their mum everywhere she went.

The big boys, Blotchy and Whitey, seemed to be best friends. While Blotchy was clearly the Alpha duck, the two always hung out together.

Miss Grey

Soon after discovering the ducks we met a new female covered in grey feathers. To set her apart from the others we started calling her Grey (then eventually Miss Grey).

We noticed that some days she'd hang out with the boys. Other days, she couldn't be found. She would days at a time nowhere to be seen.

The Duckest Hour

After some time, only two baby ducks could be found. Given the number of predators in the local area it wasn't a huge surprise. Even so, we had become attached to the babies and we were really sad about it.

Further on, another baby disappeared. And so, there was only one baby left.

That baby continued to follow her mum wherever she went. Mother duck began to start hanging out with the boys and Miss Grey.

Duck Convention

Blotchy, Whitey, Miss Grey, Mother Duck and baby could be found all together looking out for one another. It was really sweet. It made finding the ducks a lot easier.

Over the next few months the baby grew bigger and bigger. She went from fluffy yellow tennis ball t0 white and black (just like her mother).