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Fun learning for young children (and their families)

My Pet Books is a series of picture books for young children.

Each book features a different animal, highlights some interesting facts about that animal and shows why having a pet shark/jellyfish/crocodile... probably isn't a good idea.

The books mix learning with humour that will appeal to young children (and their families!).​

​My Pet Books was established in January 2019. The first book, My Pet Shark, was first published in April 2019. My Pet Books have been read to hundreds of young children across multiple schools in North Queensland. 

Evolution of My Pet Shark

Notes from the author

My Pet Shark.png

Version 1

My first design. I tried designing the shark in a comical style with a disproportionate body. 

OOG 3.png

Version 3

I drew the shark with thick smooth edges. I felt he was missing something.

OOG 2.png

Version 2

I redesigned the shark to closer resemble a real Great White. I liked the design but I wasn't convinced by the rough edges.

OOG 4.png

Final Version

The final design. Smooth edges and shading completed My Pet Shark.

Evolution of My Pet Shark

About the author

I live in Queensland Australia, where I am surrounded by some of the most amazing (and deadly) creatures to roam the earth.

From snakes, to saltwater crocs, to (my personal favourite) pelicans, I am just as likely to be in awe as I am to be eaten as soon I step out the front door.  

I started writing My Pet Books in 2019 to teach children about Australian wildlife.

I hope you enjoy these books and learn something new. And while it may seem fun to have a pet Great White Shark... it's probably not a good idea.

Fun reading,

Aidan Moston

Aidan Moston walking My Pet Cassowary.png
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