My Pet Books is a series of picture books for young children .


Each book features a different animal, highlights some interesting facts about that animal and shows why having a pet shark/jellyfish/crocodile... probably isn't a good idea.

The books mix learning with humour that will appeal to young children (and their families!).

My Pet Books are perfect for young readers (3-6 years old), or for families to read to their children.

Each book is 32 pages long. Bundles are collections of 4 books.

About the Author

I live in Queensland Australia, where I am surrounded by some of the most amazing (and deadly) creatures to roam the earth.

From snakes, to saltwater crocs, to (my personal favourite) pelicans, I am just as likely to be in awe as I am to be eaten as soon I step out the front door.  

I started writing My Pet Books in 2019 to teach children about Australian wildlife.

I hope you enjoy these books and learn something new. And while it may seem fun to have a pet Great White Shark... it's probably not a good idea.

Fun reading,


History of My Pet Books

My Pet Books was established in January 2019. My first title, My Pet Shark, was first published in April 2019. 

I have read my books to hundreds of young children across multiple schools in North Queensland. 

So far I have written and published 7 books (with many more still to come). 

Evolution of My Pet Shark

Version 1

My first design. I tried designing the shark in a comical style with a disproportionate body. 

Version 3

I drew the shark with thick smooth edges. I felt he was missing something.

Version 2

I redesigned the shark to closer resemble a real Great White. I liked the design but I wasn't convinced by the rough edges.

Final Version

The final design. Smooth edges and shading completed My Pet Shark.