Can I have a pet SHARK?

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My Pet Books is a series of picture books for young children (3-6 years old).


Each book features a different animal, highlights some interesting facts about that animal and shows why having a pet shark/jellyfish/crocodile... probably isn't a good idea.

The books mix learning with humour that will appeal to young children (and their families!).

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Fun reading for young children (and their families!)

My Pet Shark.png
My Pet Shark (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Cassowary.png
My Pet Cassowary (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Platypus.png
My Pet Platypus (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Jellyfish.png
My Pet Jellyfish (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Stingray.png
My Pet Stingray (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Dingo.png
My Pet Dingo (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Pelican.png
My Pet Pelican (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Thorny Devil.png
My Pet Thorny Devil (eBook)

$4 AU

My Pet Books Bundle.png
My Pet Books Bundle (eBook)

$12 AU


What would it be like to have a shark, or a crocodile, or an emu as a pet?